A Climbing Gym With A Mission

Liz Conway
April 1, 2020
Man swings off of a rock climbing wall. His right hand is hanging on and his left arm reaching out for balance.
Photo by
Dave Pelosi
Lakewood, OH

In 2018, Nosotros, a nonprofit climbing gym with a purpose opened. It's roots were formed seven years earlier, when Peter Stancato found himself in a garage with a rock climbing wall with a group of guys he didn't know.  That first experience of rock climbing, with the camaraderie and fun he had, would change his life.

As Peter developed a business plan for a rock climbing gym, it was clear to him that a non-profit was the way to go. Peter had a vision for a purposeful mission of improving people's lives in the areas of physical, mental, and social well-being along with faith. The Lakewood location opened to a huge success.  It continues to be a safe place, where people of all ages and experience levels can come climb, have fun, and just by being there, give back to their community.

Just 2 short years after their grand opening, Nosotros expanded to a second location in downtown Cleveland, just as COVID19 caused businesses across Ohio to shut down in March of 2020. This would only be a bump in the road.  Following the state of Ohio's health and safety guidelines, both locations were able to reopen to the public. Members know that they are operating under best practices as people's health and well-being has always been the purposeful mission of Nosotros.

For more information about Nosotros, visit

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