Cat's Meow Constructs Miniature Memories

Liz Conway
May 20, 2021
4 small wooden pieces, painted with a scene of a tree and fountain.
Photo by
Mikayla Veness
Wooster, OH

Imagine a picturesque town with historic buildings lined up one by one, your favorite shop is around the corner from your home and your mischievous black cat is lurking in the shadows. Or imagine a scene from a favorite vacation to an exotic location, the sights and smells all around you. Imagine any place or space in the world that evokes positive memories.  Now imagine it in miniature and displayed in your home! 

Cat’s Meow Village brings these imaginations to life by creating unique wooden replicas of famous buildings, memorable places, and even your very own home. It is owned and operated by lifelong crafter and Ohio native, Faline Jones. Crafting and creating was always a hobby for Faline, then it slowly turned into a way to make a few extra bucks and from there it quickly blossomed into the business it is today. 

The process

Each pristine wooden replica passes through many hands before it finds its way to your home. The wood is cut by CNC machine, painted, screen printed and then detailed with paint (and sometimes glitter) to put on the final touches by hand. On the back of each replica you will find a few facts about the landmark it represents. 

Casper the tiny black cat makes his way into each of Cat’s Meow creations. He can often be found lurking in a doorway or hiding behind a bush.

The History

Based in Wooster, OH, Cat’s Meow Village was founded in 1982 by lifelong crafter Faline Jones. Her upbringing on her family’s local dairy farm led her to a love of working with her hands and problem solving and ultimately crafting! Cat’s Meow has a small but mighty team these days,  but at one time had an army of over 200 crafters! 

Faline is a big advocate for her employees and tries to remain conscious of the atmosphere she creates for them. It is important for her to provide good jobs for people in her community, and she often employs mothers in the area. She commends their hard work ethic and says, “Nobodies afraid to roll up their sleeves and get the work done.” 

Faline - a self proclaimed introvert- was never a fan of trying to sell her pieces at craft fairs so she left it up to the professional sales people and built up her business through wholesale. Their main customers are schools, historical societies, retail locations and national park gift shops, along with individual shoppers. 

Unique collections

Each year Cat’s Meow debuts new pieces to add to their long standing collections. Every season customers can find new treasures to add to their shelves. Loyal customers look forward to each year's new addition to their tiny winter wonderlands and pint-sized ghost towns. 

Their sources of inspiration are never ending. Cat’s Meow recently made a collection to represent all of the famous spots of Stars Hollow - the fictional Connecticut town from the popular television show Gilmour Girls. One of their newest collections is inspired by our National Parks. From the Great Smoky Mountains to the Grand Canyon these national treasures are perfectly captured in small wooden replicas. 

Custom creations

Customers can commission an exact replica of any spot of their choosing. Whether it be their childhood home, the church they were married in, or a favorite travel destination, Cat’s Meow jumps right to work to recreate these spots in miniature models with an incredible attention to detail. 

Cat’s Meow replicas have the power to transport their owners to joyful times and fill their homes with happy memories.  They are kind of like potato chips, you can’t have just one. 

To purchase your own, visit their website

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