Creative House Studios Gets State of the Art Update

Liz Conway
September 25, 2020
A large video studio has several lights set up on stands, with a blue lit cyc wall behind them.
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Just over a decade ago, Creative House Studios was the brainchild of Peter Sampson and Cynthia Graham. Their idea was to create a place where filmmakers' ideas could come to life, but also understood the need to have space that was comfortable for clients.  They built what was at the time, the largest permanent green screen cyc studio in Ohio, complete with a dressing room and green room for clients.

When running the business no longer fit into the lifestyle they wanted, they were looking for the right opportunity to pass it on and make sure it was in good hands. They recognized another business owner, Don Gregory, as someone who bootstrapped Cleveland Camera Rental as a possible fit. The timing was right and they struck a deal.

As the new owner of Creative House Studios, Don recognized that it was time to make upgrades. Technology had changed since the green screen studio was built, and RGBs LED has taken over as the primary lighting the industry was using. Large scale productions would always be able to bring in their own lighting and distro, but as video production had grown, smaller productions have become more prevalent. The studio needed to fit both markets, for high end large scale production as well as smaller scale commercial and industrial videos. After reviewing all the options available, ARRI Skypanels were the ideal fit for the space. Other RBGs lighting was out there, but Skypanels had earned the respect of industry professionals everywhere, and a DP from NY or LA would immediately know what they were getting when planning a shoot here.

It took about a dozen gallons of white matte paint to cover the green walls and floor. Next, they added ten Arri Skypanels to the grid.  An ARRI SkyLink Base Station wirelessly links to them and they can be controlled with an iPad. This gives DPs the option of making the cyc virtually any backdrop color and they can quickly change the rest of lighting to fit their needs. Creative House Studios bills itself as a premium space for photo, film, and video projects to come to life.

“We want the space to be truly unique in that it can serve all kinds of clients in the community. High end productions can have all the tools they need, and small productions can elevate their production simply by being here.”

–Don Gregory, Owner, Creative House Studios

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