Euclid Heat Treating Celebrates 75 Years

Liz Conway
February 23, 2021
John and his daughter stand outside their business, with the large red metal sign that reads, EHT.
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Don Gregory
Euclid, OH

Euclid Heat Treating was born in John J. Vanas’ family garage in 1946.  Putting in long hours on nights and weekends while working another full time job, he started treating metal with a simple used salt furnace. Over time, he began buying up pieces of used equipment to add to his arsenal, and the company flourished from there. A true family business, son John V. took over the company in 1976, and now, several of his adult children have their part in the company too!  

Hard work pays off

Their hardworking nature has led to incredible growth of the company in it’s 75 year history. While further expansion was put on hold this past year due to Covid-19, they are already filling out over 200,000 square feet of space across 5 buildings in their Euclid facility, just down the road from their original garage. Euclid Heat Treating has long been involved with a wide range of industries including automotive, tool & die, lawn, and even ammunition. 

“Even though Ohio has lost many big name manufacturers, it has opened up the opportunity for smaller shops and entrepreneurs to open new businesses.” 

- John Vanas, CEO Euclid Heat Treating Company 

So what is Heat Treating? 

Put simply, it is the combination of time and temperature to produce predictable change in the atomic structures of different types of metal. From hairdryers, to toasters, to cars, to lawn mowers, each of these products contain metal pieces that have gone through the critical heat treating process. 

It’s a piece of modern manufacturing we may not know about, but one that is crucial to the products we use everyday. 

What’s next?

John looks forward to hosting their company picnic this summer in celebration of their 75 years in business. Manufacturing in Ohio has had it’s ups and downs, so John is grateful for their longevity in the industry and is looking forward to celebrating their continued success with their hard-working employees. 

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