Hometown Bakery Thrives During Lockdowns

Liz Conway
January 28, 2021
2 Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles in a brown and gold paper cup.
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Chris Leszkowicz

In April of 2020, Sarah Kaminski officially launched Fox and Tree Bakery (named after her daughter) with a KitchenAid Mixer, a few great recipes, and plenty of free time (well as much free time as a mom of 2 can have). 

Not everyone took up a quarantine baking habit

Despite COVID-19 related lockdowns, her business began to grow! Although large gatherings and events were mostly off the table, the orders were still pouring in. She attributes their quick growth to everyone being stuck at home and spending more time on social media.

Scrolling past her beautiful cakes and cookies could make anyone drool. 

Going pro

Sarah has been a lifelong amateur baker, always baking things for family parties and even baking a large supply of cupcakes for both of her own baby showers. When first deciding to go pro, she thought she’d keep it simple by just making cupcakes for family events, but soon, she was booked out every weekend. 

She quickly branched out to making smash cakes and on to just about everything else from meringues to cookies to pies! 

New Tastes

Always experimenting with new flavors and techniques, Sarah tries to keep it fresh. She’s currently experimenting with a nut free Macaron, but her takes on the classics are just as delicious! (Authors note - the classic cheesecake is to die for.)

From Pipe dreams to reality

This whole operation is still out of her home kitchen, but she has moving plans in the works. What was once a “pipe dream”, will soon become a delicious reality.  Fox and Tree Bakery will soon open their very own storefront Bakery and Coffee shop in Strongsville, OH. 

Kaminski wants it to be a comfortable place for people to spend time working or relaxing while enjoying her delectable creations, once she can ensure it’s safe to do so. 

She hopes to draw people to Strongsville with her Bakery noting that there aren’t many others like it in her area. When asked why she would open up in Strongsville, she simply stated

“This is my home and this is my community”.  

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