North Ridgeville Case Maker Pivots to Masks

Liz Conway
July 15, 2020
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Dave Pelosi

The COVID-19 pandemic has had its effect on nearly every industry in the country, with many small and local businesses having to close their doors for good. But not all have had to walk away. Some, like Versa-flex, were able to pivot. 

Based in North Ridgeville, OH, Versa-Flex is owned and operated by disabled Veteran, Larry Nolan. Versa-Flex produces high quality (and customizable) bags, pouches and rain covers that are used to protect and carry expensive photo, video and audio equipment. His products can normally be found on nearly any film set, or sideline, with big clients like the NFL. All of his products are made locally and he tries to use only materials made in the USA. In March of 2020, the pandemic brought all film and video production to a halt, along with the need for Larry’s products. However, demand for PPE, especially masks, was on the rise.

Larry quickly got to work.  With production already happening right here in Northeast Ohio, he was able to quickly alter the production lines to make masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. While it took some trial and error, he found a design that is comfortable for anyone to wear and has a simple yet innovative feature to help prevent foggy glasses. Versa-Flex is known for its exceptional quality and their masks are no different. 

Masks can be purchased from their Etsy shop, here.

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