Skidmark Garage Brings Together DIY Motorcycle Community

Liz Conway
March 10, 2020
Man in flannel shirt and glasses works up close on a yellow motorcycle.
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Dave Pelosi
Cleveland, OH

Skidmark Garage, Ohio’s only DIY motorcycle garage was founded by Brian Schaffran in 2015. The idea came to him 20 years ago, long before the sharing economy was born. Not everyone has the tools and or garage space to work on their bike and what better way to create a community than to have a space where motorcycle enthusiasts can help each other out on their project bikes. 

Skidmark provides the lifts, the tools, and the space for members to work on their bikes in exchange for a membership fee.  A comfortable lounge area also lets people hang out when they need a break from rebuilding a carburetor or a simple tune up.

Over time as the membership has grown, they’ve added formal workshops, so people can learn everything from basic bike maintenance to welding. These basic skills used to be taught in many shop classes in high school, but Brian was finding more and more young adults who have never picked up a wrench. In 2017, he took the next step and launched a non-profit, Motogo Cleveland, a mobile shop class to bring these skills back to junior high and high school students.

For more information about Skidmark Garage, visit

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