Wooster Clockmaker Delivers Quality Timepieces

Liz Conway
March 5, 2021
A black clock that is etched with roman numerals and gold clock hands, hangs on a wall.
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Mackenna Crosby
Wooster, OH

In 2004, Stan Wengerd purchased a CNC machine from an online military auction. Much to his wife’s displeasure, it took up a lot of space in their garage. To keep it, he would need a successful business so it could have a place of it's own. So he started the Wooster Clock Company, which took off, and soon he was able to move it out of the garage and into a facility of its own. Wooster Clock Co has now been in business for over 15 years, with steady growth, thanks to online orders and craft events.  

Quality Time 

Their CNC machine is the cornerstone of their quality creations. The large clocks they produce are first cut from solid wood and then the numbers are etched right into the surface of the wood, along with any personalized elements. All of their clocks have laser cut steel hands for that extra quality touch. 

Each clock is unique

Almost every clock that leaves their shop is personalized in some way. His clocks make great gifts! They are most often given to commemorate important events like weddings, anniversaries, or retirements.  Customers have the option to specialize their clocks with names and dates that are then etched right on the face of the clock. This kind of high quality, handcrafted personalization makes their timepieces one of a kind and a memorable piece for anyone to display in their home. 

Wedding downturn

They saw an inevitable dip in business when Covid-19 restrictions were put in place, with their success so closely tied to the wedding business.  But online sales have kept them going. Wooster Clock Company ships out orders all across the country.

They are looking forward to the return of a full wedding season and in-person events, such as The Country Living Fair, where they can showcase their creations directly to the public. 

For more information about the Wooster Clock Co, visit

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